Saturday, June 2, 2012

Murphy Hot Springs Airport -2miles past Corral Rd.

June 2nd, 2012 - Murphy Hot Springs Airport to about 2 miles past the Corral Access Rd, Bicycle, about 24.5miles in about 3 hours. Planned to go about 34 to the Indian Hot Springs Access but a rock had a different idea and derailed me wrapped my chain around the crank and pinned it between the frame and the rear suspension. Hey at least I didn't go over the handle bars into the sagebrush n rocks, thats gotta be good fer somethin'.
Somewhere in the Desert there is a Rock with a mark on it, I know I should try harder to leave no Trace, but.....
Trail conditions were good, rocky n rough but passable, well till ya hit a big rock anyways. There were a few small muddy places, probably left over from last weekend when it snowed and rained out in this section otherwise dry. This section is fairly rocky in places with the Poisin Creek Drainage having nice smooth basalt black rocks, the rest on the trail are rather jagged and gnarly. Support Vehicles with High Ground Clearacne will do for most but 4x4 to cross the Poisin Creek Drainage might be needed.

Flora and Fauna included 4 deer, numerous antelope, 2 bull snakes on the trail, scattered Indian Paintbrush, small blue wildflowers, cheat grass, sage brush, and a crested wheat grass the cattle eat. We saw Real Deal Cowboys rounding up the Cattle off on the ridge a mile or so away at one point.

Map up by the Murphy Hot Springs Airport showing the trail and surrounding area.

This is one of the Trail markers. I like seeing these along the trail and I like the design. Wonder who I gotta bribe to get one of the stickers?

Hope to be back out and finish this desert off here in the next couple weeks, so untill then....



Ron said...

thanks for the report. I was out there this past weekend with my son-in-law. He biked, I hiked, and we had vehicle support. Hit up Leo Hennessey at Idaho Parks and Rec for one of the stickers. are you planning on doing the whole ICT?


Darrell Shaver said...

Hey Ron,
Yeah that's the plan but I'm kind of weekend warrior- ing it. I have bicycled all the desert section now (6-17-12) some hiking too. I will post soon the rest of what I have, NV to Bennett Mtn. Probably take a couple years to get it all done.