Saturday, September 18, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 5

Over the period from July 15th to the 17th we biked a section from the Hunter Creek Transer Station above Anderson Ranch Reservoir to Castle Rocks and then hiked from the Willow Creek trailhead back to our starting point at Hunter Creek Transfer Station. The biking portion was relatively easy and downhill most of the way. The Castle Rock area was the high-light of that section. We started the hiking portion about noon on a hot dry day. We climbed about 2,500 that afternoon and it tested us a little. We found water fairly high, but ran out before we reached the highest saddle. Extra water is needed on this section when it is a hot summer day. As we headed down the Lime Creek draw, that little trickle of water was a very pleasant sound. A sheep band had been in there just before us, but we still managed to get some good water. We forded Lime Creek multiple times. Plan to get wet if you travel at this time of the year. We camped along Lime Creek and then enjoyed a liesurely hike back to the Hunter Creek Station where we had a vehicle waiting. We covered a total of about 38 miles on this section.
John White and Hank Boomer.
Photos of this section of our trek can be seen at the following web site:

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 4

On May 16, 2010 Hank and I tackled our 4th leg of the Idaho Centennial Trail. We biked from the Cat Creek Summit area to the Snake River bridge near Hammett. Great weather and a great trip. We had some fast biking down the grade toward Hammett and some slow hiking through the Hoodoo rock formations above Hammett. We covered about 4o miles on this section. We did this the day after we finished our 3rd leg. You can see photos our trip at the following web site:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 3

On May 15th we tackled our third leg of the Idaho centennial trail. We biked from the Nevada border to the rafting put-in road for the upper Bruneau River. For this portion we camped the night before near Murphy Hot Springs and did most of our ride starting in the morning. There is no water on this approximate 40 mile section so we carried plenty. The trail was much rougher than Leg 2. We did not have recent grading and the cattle had made plenty of tracks in the mud which had dried into very regular bumps. The rocks added their portion so riding was not as pleasant. The day was gorgeous which made up for the rough ride. The auto shuttles on this section were very long across some very straight desert roads. We saw many antelope and sage hens with lots of blue sky. You can see our photos at the following web site:

Monday, July 26, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 2

On April 11th we (Hank Boomer and John White) tackled our second leg of the trail with a biking section in the southern desert. We travelled north from the road that leads to the Bruneau River for rafting put-ins to the Bruneau Canyon overlook where we had started Leg 1 of our journey. We were fortunate that a good portion of the trail had been graded in the spring after some heavy rains. It made the trail much smoother than it normally would have been. It was quite a warm day so we were glad that we packed 3 liters of water each. All in all, it was a beautiful day to be in the desert. The photo trip report can be seen at the following web site:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 1

Bruneau Canyon Overlook to the Snake River Bridge near Hammet

On March 20, 2010 Hank Boomer and I (John White) began our quest to travel the Idaho Centennial Trail, either by hiking or biking. This first section was a challenge for us because we tackled 20 miles, but we were able to complete it in one day and thoroughly enjoyed early spring in the desert. The signage in this section was quite good and we had no trouble finding our way. More to come. You can see our photos at the following web site:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Introduction

A friend of mine, Hank Boomer, and I decided that we would begin to travel the Idaho Centennial Trail in 2010. Our goal is to complete it sometime, just not sure when. We plan to travel the full length either by hiking or biking. Our trips are not in order from beginning to end, but are a piece at a time when and where we can make it. We have been Idahoans all of our lives and value this wonderful state in which we live. We are not purists when it comes to back country travel, but we take out what we bring in and we protect the land we pass through. We are both still employed and can only take on small sections at a time. I will be posting some photo trip reports shortly which will give you an idea of what we have experienced. It is a pleasure and a treasure to experience the ICT at this time in our lives. We hope the information we share has value.
John White.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 ICT Hikers

Who has ICT plans for 2010? Starting where and when, which direction and how far? I'm wishing all hikers a great adventure!

Be sure to sign Trail Registers at the Hammett, Mullan, Clark Fork and Naples Post Offices.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Little Earth,

Dogs are welcome on all of the trails but you might have to leash them in the Sawtooth Wilderness depending on the time of year you are traveling through the wilderness. I think July 1st to Sept 1st you need to have them on leash.

Friday, February 19, 2010

ICT talk at Boise REI 3/17/2010

Ken and I have an hour long presentation on our ICT hike. REI in Boise will host the presentation as one of their regular events on Wednesday evening, March 17th at 7pm.