Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Through Hiker Request

I was asked to post this for a through hiker:

Hi Leo,
Some info for the ICT blog:I will be starting a six-week trip on the ICT on August 17. I have one section south of the Selway left and then everything north of Wilderness Gateway. I will be sending out updates from the trail via satellite phone at With luck, this will complete my 5-year journey on the trail (photos and maps from previous years are at,Bart Robinson

Monday, August 17, 2009

trail #120 access info update

I have been contacted by a property owner on E.Spring Creek Rd. (north of Clark Fork) who would like to pass along the following clarifications:
The entire north end of the road is apparently posted as "NO TRESPASSING". Unless you know someone who invites you to cross their property take the alternative route around this area. This would include dropping off the ridge at the Porcupine Lk. trailhead (southbound), then continuing down to Lightning Ck.Rd. You can follow this into town but will have to ford the creek (i.e. don't plan on doing this in the spring!). Of course, if you are northbound, you can pick up Lightning Ck Rd off Hwy 200, walk north until crossing the creek, then follow signs along the road to Porcupine Lake. Unless the Forest Service has done some serious maintenance, the trail will be invisible, requiring a bushwhack up to the ridge. The road across Lightning Ck should be rebuilt next year (2010).