Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brian Frankle hikes the ICT North to South

(All photos courtesy Brian Frankle,

Hi all,

I wanted to share Ron Whittaker's post from the Idaho Outdoors Yahoo Group regarding ULA owner Brian Frankle's successful journey on the ICT this summer, traveling north to south.

I must say, to watch Brian's slide show, is to experience a wonderful scenic sweep of Idaho, north to south, along the jagged backbone of our state, meandering from the British Columbia border to Fairfield, and then across the desert to finish. Awesome pics and congrats on an incredible journey, Brian.

Many thanks, Ron, for sharing the links from Brian's successful trip.

Here's Ron's post:

"First a little back-story: When Jerry Finnegan, Nick Abshire, and I were onthe ICT in northern Idaho in summer 2006, we met Chris Harrington, who finishedhis ICT hike that year. Chris was using a backpack made by ULA Equipment.

That's the tie-in to this story. The guy who runs ULA Equipment, BrianFrankle, this summer completed his thru hike of the Idaho Centennial Trail from north to south.

Here is the link to Brian's website:

and his photo album, recognize any of these places???

Ron Whittaker (60% of ICT done)"