Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gospel Hump Wilderness

I hiked the ICT West Alternate route, part of which passes to the north side of the Gospel Hump Wilderness.   through the previous experience of my friend Jerry Finnegan (ICT Class of 2009) I learned about the *horrible* condition of the trail from Sourdough Lookout east to Five Mile Pond.   I made the decision to go THROUGH the Gospel Hump rather than around it.   I wound up crossing the Gospel Hump twice.   I came in from the east, from Orogrande Summit on one hike with one of my sons, then came in from the west from Square Mountain Lookout and went across the wilderness to connect, with another one of my sons.   in this way, I made a connecting trail between Rocky Bluff Campground all the way over to Five Mile Pond.

This illustrates a point I would like to make to prospective ICT hikers.   especially when dealing with the trail up north (north of the Salmon River).   it's okay to give yourself permission to deviate from the *official* trail.   There were several places that I chose to re-route, for various reasons.   Water and Safety were usually high on the priority list.  

This video shows my first Gospel Hump hike, from Orogrande Summit to Hump Lake, with son Daniel.


(ICT Class of 2011)