Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bart Robinson

Bart finished his ICT hike on Tuesday 09-15-09. I have been following his Facebook/Twitter posts and tracking his position on Google maps. Congratulations on completing the ICT Bart!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ken and Marcia

Ken and Marcia Powers also finished their ICT thru-hike, on August 31st, in just 59 days.

He did it!

Jerry (Frog) Finnegan finished his ICT quest today! I was privileged to be a part of the last 30 miles of his 60 mile final section from Grandjean to Willow Creek. Awesome scenery. Awesome experience topping out at Ross Peak at 9200 feet. An awesome welcoming committee of family and friends at the trail's end. I hope to make some videos available.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Through Hiker Request

I was asked to post this for a through hiker:

Hi Leo,
Some info for the ICT blog:I will be starting a six-week trip on the ICT on August 17. I have one section south of the Selway left and then everything north of Wilderness Gateway. I will be sending out updates from the trail via satellite phone at With luck, this will complete my 5-year journey on the trail (photos and maps from previous years are at,Bart Robinson

Monday, August 17, 2009

trail #120 access info update

I have been contacted by a property owner on E.Spring Creek Rd. (north of Clark Fork) who would like to pass along the following clarifications:
The entire north end of the road is apparently posted as "NO TRESPASSING". Unless you know someone who invites you to cross their property take the alternative route around this area. This would include dropping off the ridge at the Porcupine Lk. trailhead (southbound), then continuing down to Lightning Ck.Rd. You can follow this into town but will have to ford the creek (i.e. don't plan on doing this in the spring!). Of course, if you are northbound, you can pick up Lightning Ck Rd off Hwy 200, walk north until crossing the creek, then follow signs along the road to Porcupine Lake. Unless the Forest Service has done some serious maintenance, the trail will be invisible, requiring a bushwhack up to the ridge. The road across Lightning Ck should be rebuilt next year (2010).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stateline Ridge

Did the ridge from Little Joe Rd down to Hoodoo Pass over the 4th of July weekend. Trail is in good shape and easy to follow (a rarity up north) with the exception of just north of Hoodoo Pass. If you take the road down the montana side from the pass, then the first left and start climbing, you will see the trail exit on the right. Pick it up here, because you'll never find it from the pass.

Also hiked down from Trestle Creek to E. Spring Creek Rd outside of Clark Fork. Access issue with private property owner at bottom of mountain.
If you are southbound: Take all switchbacks until you come to one with a metal stake in the trail (the last one). Contour further to the west (leave trail) until you clear the end of a large brown metal-pipe fence, then drop down to road.
north bound: go to near end of road until you see large brown metal-pipe fence on left. Stop at last home BEFORE fence and ask permission to walk down their driveway to the mountain behind them. Bushwhack up and to the right until you find trail.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Class of 09

Jerry "Frog" Finnegan is only 60 miles away from completing his ICT quest!

with the 18+ mile section we did last Tuesday up above Clark Fork, he only has 60 miles to go.

He has saved the Sawtooth section from Grandjean down to Willow Creek for the grand finale'.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thru Hikers Starting

They are on the trail and asked me to post this.


We are starting a self supported ICT thru hike beginning 7/4/2009 using the usual thru hiker mailing of supplies. Boxes are now in position at our chosen resupply points.

Our ICT journal is at and our own website is We will update journal entries and photos as we can while hiking.

Our contact email is Hope to see you out on the trail!

Hello Leo,

We are driving to Idaho tomorrow. Can you please post the above to the 2009 blogs? While checking on resupply I heard that a hiker from Virginia was also planning a thru hike and was scheduled to be in Naples the first week of August.

You, Steve and all the organizers and trail crews have our thanks and appreciation!

Ken and Marcia Powers