Friday, July 19, 2013

Grandjean to Atlanta

Three of us took riding and pack stock for the 2 1/4 day trip.  Camped about 4 miles up the trial the first night.  The wolves started howling right across the river from us at about 5:30 am.  They kept it up for almost 3 hours.  The trail got more difficult the higher we got. Mostly logs of various sizes across the trail.  It took all day to get to Spangle Lake.  I would not recommend taking stock that is not VERY used to negotiating off trail terrain.  A large saw is a must in case there's no getting around something.  Beautiful scenery and weather.  Looks like August up there with virtually no snow.  The fish were jumpin' when we got to Spangle that evening.  The next day we took all day getting to Atlanta.  This part of the trail was much better.  Appears that outfitters are keeping it pretty well cleared.  There is one very large tree across the trail above the Flytrip Cr. Trail and another above the Rock Creek Trail that really need to be cut out.  It appeared that few, if anyone, have been through yet this year.  It's hard to find the trail on the other side of the river when you cross it at Rock Creek.  When you cross the river at Rock Creek don't exit the river at the last little section of water...walk downriver in the water about 70 feet and you'll see the trail on the bank.  After that it's pretty clear sailing to the Powerhouse Campground near Atlanta with still some downed trees to negotiate.