Friday, June 1, 2012


April 14th 2012-  Nevada border to end of Three Creek Road near Murphy Hot Springs Airport, approx 1.9miles one way. A little muddy but not bad. Nice walk to Nevada and then back.
Trail head down to Nevada from Murphy HotSprings Airport and the Three Creek Rd. Kind of hard to see but there are two white trail markers on each side of the Trail.

May 28th 2012- Bruneau Canyon overlook to Hammet & I-84, approx 26.6 miles one way. Rode my Mountain Bike thru this section in about 3.5 hours. Saw 4 antelope, 3 phesants and several lizards, well and some cows down in Browns Creek area.  The section from the Overlook to the end of the pavement of Hot Springs Road (about 5.5miles) was fairly good even though the roads are not all that apparent for the last couple miles. 3 gates to go thru here and they are marked but I would still recomend a GPS with the route in it as you get out to an old watering/ feeding location and the good road ends and several very old minor tracks take off and you might choose the wrong one if you didn't have a good sense of direction or a handy dandy GPS. The next section from end of pavement Hot Springs Road to Browns Creek Road that comes off of Hwy 78 about 6-7 miles from Hammet, about 12miles. About 4 miles along the rim after leaving Hot Springs Road/ Three Creek Road, fairly easy riding and well marked, easy to follow. The drop from the rim down into Browns creek was a nice downhill section on my bike, no pedaling required but you might grab some brakes a couple times, about 2.5-3miles. The rest of Browns creek was ok with part of the road being kind of rough from rain and cattle walking on it but still very passable. Couple of gates one of which had so many tumbleweeds against it I wondered if I was the first one thru in quite some time. The last section Browns Crk Rd & Hwy 78 on into Hammet and to the on-ramp at I-84, about 9.3 miles. This section is obviously paved and went by without incident.

I plan to finish off the desert here in the next couple weeks and will report as I get the sections done.

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Ron said...

thanks for this report, Darrel. I have done the ICT over a period of 7 years. I am now going back and re-visiting some sections. from Winter Camp Ranch to the overlook and Brown's Creek road will be on my wish list next. Ron