Sunday, June 24, 2012

ICT desert Rock Coral Access to Bruneau Canyon

June 16th 2012, Bike and Hike from near Rock Corral Access to Bruneau Canyon Overlook, About 37miles with a backtrak of another mile or two, about 5 hours. Started where I left off from after my derail episode earlier(see previouse Blogs). Day was long trail conditions dry rocky and like what I had encountered thru here before on the earlier forays. Came across two sisters who were hiking the ICT and well due to the heat, their water situation and sore feet caught a ride with my support Crew. A note of caution for those of you hiking this desert section, from Nevada to Hammet, You can not carry enough water or walk enough miles to make it with any measure of saftey. This whole section can be accessed with 4x4 no problem unless wet and muddy. Either Cache lots of water at short intervals or just have them follow you or go ahead several miles and make camp with all the fixings. This ain't no joke or me being a wimp, just straight up good advice that might save your life. Sure there are people that do it have done it and  will do it again without support vehicle but they run a big risk. Do Not underestmate the Desert or you may not live to regret it.
Water can be found at Winter Camp along the trail and that is about it. Watering tanks for the Cattle off the trail a mile or more at times might have water but....
Walked thru winter Camp for a break from bike and met a Father and Son on Enduro Dirt Bikes who were riding the trail. Funny he said his first impression was to fly over this whole section and riding it on motorbikes was kind his limit. Other Motor Bikers I met on the Trail Called me "HardCore" for riding a bicycle thru the desert. Frankly I thought I was kinda cheatin and wimpin out. So if I am Hardcore for Bicycling you people that Hike this entire Desert Section.... Well you have my Respect and my hat is off to you "AdamantiumCore"(I guess?)... LoL
Finished up at the Overlook and was quite happy to have this Desert Done!


the spatial juan said...

Darrell, thanks for the info on the are hardcore. As far as water, how about clover creek? (or is that winter camp?) and, are there any services at Murphy Hot Springs?

when do you think you will be finishing up?, Maybe ill see you. I will be sobo in august.

Darrell Shaver said...

Hey Spatial,

Yeah Clover Crk is the Winter Camp. Murphy Hot Springs really doesn't have services, other than the Jarbridge for water. When I went out scouting early this spring we stopped down there and the people I met frankly creeped me out. There is a nice campground just down the road from Murphy Hot Springs about 1/2 mile with a toilet and small campground area. All of this is off the Trail quite aways. Otherwise its WinterCamp Clover Creek and the Snake River. There is a road that crosses the trail and goes down into the canyon and water near the Indian Hot Springs Rd but I think its again way over a mile or two off the trail. Finish Oh In a few years, just kinda weekend warrioring it.

Ron said...

to Spatial:

you said you will be SOBO in August. does this mean you are going to attempt the whole ICT southbound this year? or a section? Keep us informed on here so we can follow your progress. I did the ICT West alternate route, to complete the ICT from 2004 to 2011.


Ron Whittaker