Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thru Hikers Starting

They are on the trail and asked me to post this.


We are starting a self supported ICT thru hike beginning 7/4/2009 using the usual thru hiker mailing of supplies. Boxes are now in position at our chosen resupply points.

Our ICT journal is at www.trailjournals.com/GottaWalkICT and our own website is www.GottaWalk.com We will update journal entries and photos as we can while hiking.

Our contact email is OnTheTrail@GottaWalk.com Hope to see you out on the trail!

Hello Leo,

We are driving to Idaho tomorrow. Can you please post the above to the 2009 blogs? While checking on resupply I heard that a hiker from Virginia was also planning a thru hike and was scheduled to be in Naples the first week of August.

You, Steve and all the organizers and trail crews have our thanks and appreciation!

Ken and Marcia Powers