Sunday, June 24, 2012

ICT Bennet Mtn to Hammet/I-84

June 10th 2012 - Hwy 20/Cat Creek Rd to Hammet/I-84 Was supposed to be about 36.5 miles but I bailed on about 5.5 of it, save till next time. So I started out on my bike at Hwy 20 and made it less than a mile up the road before my chest was beating outa my heart and dizzy was getting my head. Ok I wimped out had no mud and had the suport crew drive me to the summit for some down hill I wouldn't die trying to bicycle. So the other side and I'm flying down hill no pedaling needed for the most par clear to where the trail leaves Bennet Mtn Rd and goes out to the HOODOOs. After surveying the first bit near the Road I put up the bike and got on the hiking shoes to hike thru the next 3 or so miles. The walk down over the Basalt Rim Rocks(Hoodoos) was a nice break in between biking sessions. The Trail is not always apparent but the White Trail Markers are plentiful and have little arrows even to direct you in the general direction of the next marker. You eventually hit a real old and brutal 4X4 goat path that winds accross the face of the rim and down thru a draw that had running water in it. Didn't really expect it but it was there. there was anoter small old drain that also had water down lower a mile or so before you hit Alkali Rd. At Alkali I got back on the bike and rode in the wing the howling wind to I-84 near Hammet. This lower section over the rolling gravel roads ate my lunch. The wind at one point was in my face as I came down a small hill pedalling to gain momentum for the up section to follow only to have the wind blow me to a stop. Now I know it blows out here Heck ya think them big windfarms are for grins and giggles but this was not fun but plain old pound it out work. I later learned that the Ironman Triathalon in Boise the same weekend was shortened on its bike ride due to wind, and this made feel proud that I still managed to grind out nearly 27+ miles on my bike and the "Iron Men and Women" only did 12.


Jerry E. said...

Hey Darrell,
I plan on doing this same section the same direction via mountain bike in late May early July. Is it possible to ride your bike on the trail from Bennett Mtn Rd to the Alkalai Rd?


Jerry E. said...
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