Friday, February 19, 2010

ICT talk at Boise REI 3/17/2010

Ken and I have an hour long presentation on our ICT hike. REI in Boise will host the presentation as one of their regular events on Wednesday evening, March 17th at 7pm.


Anonymous said...

We will be there and are excited to see your presentation! Thanks in advance for putting it on!
Mike & Susie Lambert
Bellevue, ID

Ron said...

Ken and Marcia, I was very bummed that I was unable to attend the presentation and meet you....this thing called "work" :(

Little Earth said...

I recently saw the program on IDPTV, and am interested in hiking as much of it as I can. I have a question about animals. I know people can do pack animals in some areas but what about my dogs, who are family and protection?

Do I just look up the forest rules (which are mostly keep them on leashes and don't let them disturb wildlife) or are there any particular "guidelines" for the ICT?

brian said...

Little Earth-

I hiked the ICT in 2008 southbound along with my Red Heeler. If I recall, the Sawtooths are the only place along the trail that have mandatory leash laws at certain times of the year.

My dog went home after Grandjean due to facing the miles of road walking and dry desert south of Hammett. Depending on your strategy and time of year, I would HIGHLY encourage caching water for your dog from the NV border to the Snake River.

My hiking journal is posted if you want a more first hand account:

Enjoy your time on the ICT!