Thursday, July 29, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Leg 3

On May 15th we tackled our third leg of the Idaho centennial trail. We biked from the Nevada border to the rafting put-in road for the upper Bruneau River. For this portion we camped the night before near Murphy Hot Springs and did most of our ride starting in the morning. There is no water on this approximate 40 mile section so we carried plenty. The trail was much rougher than Leg 2. We did not have recent grading and the cattle had made plenty of tracks in the mud which had dried into very regular bumps. The rocks added their portion so riding was not as pleasant. The day was gorgeous which made up for the rough ride. The auto shuttles on this section were very long across some very straight desert roads. We saw many antelope and sage hens with lots of blue sky. You can see our photos at the following web site:

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Johnothan Rears said...

Good job on this site. I just wanted to acknowledge my father hiked this entire trail a few years ago. He was one of the contributors of the trail and one of the first to hike it's entirety (Took him about 60 days), though not sure in what capacity. He died this year on June 2nd. He was a native Idahoan from Sandpoint originally. He was the "Mountain Man" Robert Rears.

Johnothan Rears

P.S. I hope to hike this entire trail at one time someday too. I have hiked a large portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1984, though never the whole thing (1700 miles was enough at one time in 72 days) and a I was young then.