Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ICT - A Piece at a Time - Introduction

A friend of mine, Hank Boomer, and I decided that we would begin to travel the Idaho Centennial Trail in 2010. Our goal is to complete it sometime, just not sure when. We plan to travel the full length either by hiking or biking. Our trips are not in order from beginning to end, but are a piece at a time when and where we can make it. We have been Idahoans all of our lives and value this wonderful state in which we live. We are not purists when it comes to back country travel, but we take out what we bring in and we protect the land we pass through. We are both still employed and can only take on small sections at a time. I will be posting some photo trip reports shortly which will give you an idea of what we have experienced. It is a pleasure and a treasure to experience the ICT at this time in our lives. We hope the information we share has value.
John White.

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Ron said...

hello John and Hank, thanks for sharing the stories of your progress on the ICT. I will be cheering you on. I just got a section done up north that brings me to about 90 % done with my hike across Idaho. I have had to do it with the same approach you are using. A section at a time. Started in 2004 and will probably finish in 2011. Highly worthwhile.