Monday, November 23, 2015

Thru-hike trip report

Hey all.  Long time reader, first time poster.  After hiking the AT and PCT, I've been eyeballing the ICT for years.  The thought of a long distance trail in my own backyard... how could I resist?  This year, the stars finally aligned and I set off to see first hand what this trail had to offer.  I referred to this board many times as I researched the trail over the years and so I would like to contribute my own experiences so that others may benefit.

This was certainly a high risk/high reward type of hike.  It is a full immersion wilderness experience.  As others have said, this trail isn't the PCT, or the AT, or even the CDT.  It is uniquely Idaho.  And uniquely ICT.  However, experience on some of our country's other long distance hikes will definitely help prepare you for this trip.  It is important to be confident in your hiking, your ability to successfully plan and execute resupply drops, and to be prepared mentally for long, arduous days.  Most importantly, it is critical that you can adapt and remain flexible as the trail will present new challenges every day.

The connection that you build with Idaho's backcountry on a trip like this will tie you to the geography of our state forever.  It is a level of intimacy that, so far, only a few have chosen to pursue.  To map the state out in your mind, from mountain to mountain and river to river, border to border; one yard at a time on your own two feet.  There are few ways to replicate that sense of closeness with the rugged topography of the Gem State.

Here is a link to my Trail Journal.  I updated this every day in a moleskin notebook and posted it to the website after the hike. 

Here is a link to the Boise Weekly article that some of you may have seen.  We even got voted 'Best Idaho Adventure' in the Best of Boise issue!  Reporter Jessica Murri joined us for 60 miles from Atlanta to Stanley and wrote a great article about the experience.  She is planning to hike the PCT in 2016 and this was her first long-distance hiking trial run.

And lastly, here is a video I put together documenting our trip.  It was made more for family and friends but anyone who is interested in the trail is welcome to check it out:

I'm happy to field any questions.  Leave a comment or send me an email at:  Many thanks to all the previous posters on this blog.  And to anyone who has dared to go out and bushwhack their way along the ICT, my hats off to you.



Ron said...

thanks for your trip report and the video Clay.

Spiderwoman ! said...
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Spiderwoman ! said...

Clay, The Brawn and I just finished watching your ICT video, liked it very much, and wanted to say thank you. Know your effort is appreciated. It was so much fun following your journey in our warm home on this cold November night. The ICT is officially on the list :)

Best, Spiderwoman

Clay said...

Glad to hear that Spiderwoman! Idaho beckons!