Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm back from another trip on the ICT in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.  My objective was to walk south to the point where I turned around going north in 2013.  I didn't quite make it: too many burns and blowdowns in the Rhoda Creek basin.

I've posted a trip report at my website:

More importantly, I've written up the lessons from my 2013 and 2015 trips as "ICT Hiking Tips".  These tips are also available through the above website.


Clay said...

Your ICT hiking tips are spot on. Probably the closest thing to a guidebook that exists. I think I was in Superior, MT when you posted them. Wish I'd had them sooner. Sounds like I just missed you at Wilderness Gateway. I'd be interested in chatting with you if you've got some time.

Happy Hollidays

BDV said...

Rhoda Creek was gnarly but we did make it through up to Two lakes. The few miles from the junction of Wounded Doe to when the ICT leaves Rhoda creek was the worst of the whole ICT. Dangerous really. That being said, sections of Rhoda Creek before the burn are gorgeous & the high lakes of the Selway crags are not to be missed.

Clay said...

BDV, How did it compare to Marble Creek?