Friday, July 20, 2012

Hunter Transfer Camp to Willow Creek Rd/S Fk Boise

July 5th 2012 - ICT Hunter Transfer Camp to Willow Creek Rd/ South Fork of the Boise River -  Hiking about 16miles in about 9hours 30mins. Ok no bicycle this time it’s all Shanks Ponies as my Folks always called ‘em. Just a Day Pack about 20-25lbs of mostly survival gear and of course my walking sticks. For those of you who don’t hike with Treking poles, an old stick you carve along the way or something to steady you on the uphill and downhill sections –“Just get some and try them on one long downhill that’s steep sometime and then see if you don’t carry some after that”. The hike went smooth and the trail was easy to follow. From tracks I would say more dirt bikes thru here than anything else. I can’t complain they keep the logs cut out and the trail well worn, I must admit sometimes the dirt bikes leave nasty ruts and loose rocks on the steep sections but it’s all good. If you are on a steeper section and hear bikes coming, it can be smart to give them a little room. Most of them are real good people but they might have to be blasting bye to make it up the section you are on, so step off the trail if you can and wave as they go bye. I find most are very respectful and only a few jerks give these guys bad names.  The hike up the N Fork Lime Trail was rather easy with several creek crossing most knee deep or less but you will get your feet wet unless you do some long jumps or bank exploration. Fill up on water before hitting the top or you won’t find any water until you get almost to the S Fork of the Boise River, about the last 6-7 miles. There was one small drizzle near the top of Trail 037 but it will likely not run for much longer. The last 3-4 miles down Trail 037 is steep and single track with loose dirt, gravel and rocks from the dirt bikers, use caution going down this and definitely get some hiking poles. These steep loose rock sections will hurt you fast if you don’t take them slow and steady, plan on only making 1 to 1.5 miles per hour thru here. It can be done faster but you can also roll to the bottom of the canyon on your head too. This is a good long day hike that will be about all most people will want in a day. It is also a great assessment hike for me to see exactly how much mud I got for the upcoming sections that are longer. Came accross a herd of sheep near the top of the drainage and two big sheep dogs that gave a few growls and barks but stayed their distance. Great views from up top before dropping back down to the Boise River.
Happy Trails

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