Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bennet Mtn To Hunter Transfer Camp

June 30 2012- Near Peak of Bennet Mtn Rd to Hunter Transfer Camp aprox 26.5 miles Bicycle and some Walking-3hours 15min. Downhill from top of Bennet Mtn across Highway 20 and onto the Castle Rock Rd small walk but otherwise ride like the wind. Going up Castle Rock had some walking uphills as well but otherwise a nice bike ride.
                          Just one of Many of the Rock Formations
The Rocks are Amazing and very interesting to see. I could go back here to see those again. Across Pine Featherville Rd a nice change from the dirt for a litle ways. Now thru the Cows and the fine silt dirt that feals like wet cement. Watch out for the Bulls They DO Have the Right-of-Way! No problems at all with the Cows for me. The last couple miles downhill to Hunter Transfer Camp. Goal Score and anotherone bites the Dust.

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Ron said...

way to go Darrell. keep plugging away on the trail. it took me 7 years to finish.