Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stateline Ridge

Did the ridge from Little Joe Rd down to Hoodoo Pass over the 4th of July weekend. Trail is in good shape and easy to follow (a rarity up north) with the exception of just north of Hoodoo Pass. If you take the road down the montana side from the pass, then the first left and start climbing, you will see the trail exit on the right. Pick it up here, because you'll never find it from the pass.

Also hiked down from Trestle Creek to E. Spring Creek Rd outside of Clark Fork. Access issue with private property owner at bottom of mountain.
If you are southbound: Take all switchbacks until you come to one with a metal stake in the trail (the last one). Contour further to the west (leave trail) until you clear the end of a large brown metal-pipe fence, then drop down to road.
north bound: go to near end of road until you see large brown metal-pipe fence on left. Stop at last home BEFORE fence and ask permission to walk down their driveway to the mountain behind them. Bushwhack up and to the right until you find trail.

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Ron said...

Trail 120 was in good shape for most of the way. It was apparent as we were dropping down the last 5 miles to Spring Creek Road that the east end of the trail gets less maintenance. Obviously this is due to the private property owner at the bottom not giving access to the trail. There is no west-facing fence at the botton. We just walked through a dense stand of trees and popped out in the driveway, on the wrong side of the gate. As Jerry said, at the last switchback where the metal post is, leave the trail, bushwhack south until you reach Spring Creek Road.