Saturday, September 5, 2009

He did it!

Jerry (Frog) Finnegan finished his ICT quest today! I was privileged to be a part of the last 30 miles of his 60 mile final section from Grandjean to Willow Creek. Awesome scenery. Awesome experience topping out at Ross Peak at 9200 feet. An awesome welcoming committee of family and friends at the trail's end. I hope to make some videos available.

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Frog Finnegan said...

Thanks Ron, I couldn't have done it without you and many other fine friends. As you know, I've been working on segments of the ICT since my first hike June 23rd, 2003. I completed the entire ICT West on 9/5/9. Congratulations to Ken & Marsha - took me a lot more than 59 days! If anyone is interested in info on the sections of ICT West between Boundary Creek and Wilderness Gateway C.G. I'll be glad to share.
Some may be interested to know that I am not an Ultra-lite backpacker. My backpack and stove were purchased in 1974. My longest hike was 70 miles and most of the segments I did were in the 25- 35 mile range.
I have broken the ICT into different segments than Steve Stuebner's book to accommodate access for support vehicles (like my wife, often waiting at the end of the line) and would be glad to share this info also.
It has been great fun and a HUGE challenge. Thank you Steve for suggesting on the cover of your book - "Make it a lifetime project to visit Idaho's most scenic back-country jewels." It has been exactly that and I've enjoyed every step.
Frog Finnegan