Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marble Creek in Frank Church Wilderness:

On August 2-11, 2012, a group of volunteers and myself cleared the Centennial Trail from the Thunder Mountain trailhead about 10 miles down to Bellaco Mine and then down to Dynamite Creek.  We cut out hundreds of large downed logs, brushed the trail 8 feet wide for pack stock use, rebuild numerous rock retaining walls and widen the tread in many sections.  There are over 12 fords (ranging from 6"-24" inches deep) of Marble Creek in the section we worked on.  Expect to get your feet wet.  The Centennial trail downstream from Dynamite has over a hundred down logs and a few brushy section.  A volunteer trail crew is going down there next week to try to cut a few more miles downstream and hope to get the trail cleared 6 miles down to Canyon Creek.  If you are doing this section expect numerous fords and sections where you lose the trail.  The old trail bed is still intact but often hard to find in the brush.  You can find good camps at Bellaco, Brush Creek and Dynamite Creek.  Have fun.

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Ron said...

Leo, thanks to you and the volunteer crews for the hard work on Marble Creek. I hope to do this section some day, have heard how bad it was before.