Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am planning a trip for next summer so I am looking for some trail information. I am considering a solo thru-hike. I would like to hike the entire trail system including the alternate routes. I would like to speak with anyone that has hiked the trail especially anyone who has done something similar. I anticipate many questions and I would appreciate any input. Is 1,200 miles accurate for the trail including the alternate routes? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You,BZ


Mike O'Brien said...

I hiked the trail last summer. It was 912 miles the way I went, going to the end at Priest Falls, then back to Priest Lake. You will find that some sections of the original route have not been maintained, and have become so overgrown that you will have to find another way around. Contact Leo Hennessey at:
and he can give you my e-mail address. I have a lot of notes I can send you.

Corine Wood-Donnelly said...

I'm planning to do the ICT next summer. How long did it take you and any chance I could have a peek of those notes too?

Mike O'Brien said...

It took 46 hiking days, but I took lots of days off enroute, to go fishing and sightseeing, so the whole trip took about 7 weeks. You can get my e-mail address from Leo Hennessy (, and I can send you notes about trail conditions, etc.