Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He's headin' for home!

As of July 26th Ron Whittaker has completed all but the upper 23 miles or so of the ICT. He's planning to complete his seven year adventure on Thursday July 28th!
Watch out for those snow fields Ron, and congratulations!


Ron said...

it was actually 76 miles, not 65. and I finished on Thursday evening, July 25th, at about 9:10 pm Pacific time, at Lionhead campground. I wanted the big dramatic finish at Upper Priest Falls, but the way it worked out, it was better to go to the falls then work our way south back to Lionhead campground on the northern tip of Priest Lake.

Ron said...

thanks Jerry for saving my hide on the snow fields of the Stateline Trail!

Ron said...

correction, July 28th was the date for my finish, not the 25th.