Friday, June 3, 2011

One Month to Departure !

It seems we may be the only ones committed to an unassisted thru-hike on the ICT this summer, but we are excited and finishing up our planning, cooking, and packaging in the coming weeks. We plan to hit the trail on July 4th and thought other ICT enthusiasts might be interested to follow our adventure this summer. I am planning on updating my personal blog with details. I haven't figured out how I will manage this while on the trail, but optimistically, here's the link:

One detail which we are working on currently are resupply locations. If anyone has a list with phone numbers and addresses, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks !

Paige and Nick


Paige said...

300 miles in and going strong ! You can track our progress here:

Ron said...

you are tearin' it up! hope things continue to go well for you. I'm interested in following your progress. I just finished the ICT last week, after going at it for 7 years. keep us posted!


1morestep said...

Keep it up! I am planning a similar trip next year. I look forward to following your progress.